220119 Mingi: Your cheers were crazy in Chicago!

2022.01.19 08:38 moveyourheart 220119 Mingi: Your cheers were crazy in Chicago!

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2022.01.19 08:38 DoodieMcWiener As a life-long fan of the Hitman franchise, I decid to make a Kronstadt Industries livery.

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2022.01.19 08:38 mattnewark Windows 10 machine, not connected to internet but can browse the web

Morning All,
I have a windows 10 machine (20H2) that says that it is not connected to the internet but I am able to browse the web with no issues, I try and do a windows update and this does not work as it reports that I do not have an internet connection. I am able to ping the router from the machine and google with no issues.
I have done the following
I have uninstalled the adapter drivers and rebooted I have given the machine a static IP I have changed the DNS
Non of the above has worked.
When I unplug the ethernet cable and plug it back in again the icon changes to the little monitor but after a couple of seconds reverts back to the world.
Has anyone else come across this issue and resolved it? All other machines are fine.
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2022.01.19 08:38 poggerjertis This might be true

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2022.01.19 08:38 Karen-Thornley Seeking Dogon Fish Head Hat.

Currently seeking a dogon fish head hat. If you or anyone know of a reputable tailor as well. Thank you for your time.
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2022.01.19 08:38 Prestigious-Freedom5 Hello there Eclair cookie.

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2022.01.19 08:38 GoodIsUnpopular The wewe global scammer is now using info@israpun?

I was one of the people getting lots of phishing spam from the info@wewe global account. I flagged every single one as phishing and it stopped for a while. Now I'm getting similar spam but from the account info@israpun.
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2022.01.19 08:38 Discipline-Nice Ayase Momo [redrawn + colored]

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2022.01.19 08:38 LeAnitru Translucent Philodendron Brasil leaf?

I put some cuttings of a Philodendron Brasil in soil and they've rooted nicely and have put out little leaves from the cuttings since, but one of the vines has since put out a semi-translucent leaf?
I put the cuttings in a nursery pot because I like to water my plants by "weight" of the pot, or when their leaves feel soft, or start to get droopy. Philodendrons are usually easy going and give me no issues, but both my mother plant and this pot of cuttings have never given me a translucent leaf before?
These cuttings are on a shelf on a south facing window wall, but they are in the corner and are not directly in front of the window, they only get ambient light, there are also some LED grow light strips nearby that they also get light from, but aren't directly under them. I let the top 3 or 4 inches of the plant's soil dry out before it gets watered, so I'm confused as to why this is happening. The plant seems healthy and keeps putting out new growth points, and the leaves have no signs of pests, over or under water stress, nor any signs of bacteria, and this vine is the only vine that doesn't have any signs of chlorophyll or variegation forming, it's just... Translucent?
Has anyone else had this happen before, let me know!
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2022.01.19 08:38 StrainAdventurous551 Melanie Lynskey being an actual angel supporting the younger cast- a photo series

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2022.01.19 08:38 JimmyJedi Where can I get strike bounties?

I'm a noob and I can't finish this quest until I finish a strike bounty and I can't find the npc u get it from for the life of me
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2022.01.19 08:38 Drakaina- Some new poses I'm sharing

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2022.01.19 08:38 penguinhardowski Poor Guy

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2022.01.19 08:38 fizikalni5z I got tricked into working Thanksgiving bc we’re a “team” and then had to deal with bullshit like this

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2022.01.19 08:38 Afraid-Palpitation24 For those that say that anime is godless and that feel that God has forsaken you, I present to you a visual reminder: Remi on TikTok

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2022.01.19 08:38 ChapterKitchen326 New to Mordekaiser

Hello everyone I’m a former support main who wanted to play top I’ve been playing Shen and Kayla for few days and I tried Mordekaiser and fell in love with its kit. I was wondering if you guys got any tips to play him better. (And which skin should I be looking forward to buy)
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2022.01.19 08:38 Agitated-Birthday-65 RGB Fusion not working for my fans

so I recently got a cyberpower gamer xtreme with rtx 3060, and I wanted to change the color of my fans to rgb, but couldn't with the remote, so I tried with rgb fusion, and that didnt work either. Is there something I'm supposed to do before like move it to a folder?
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2022.01.19 08:38 bellefillee Causes of deep rooted patriarchal society

I was wondering about the possible causes of our patriarchal society. No doubt we live in patriarchal society which have ancient roots. What might be the possible reasons???
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2022.01.19 08:38 MadMareof Sparkies of Reddit: What’s your pet peeve on residential/commercials projects the owner attempts to do themselves?

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2022.01.19 08:38 Intelligent-Ad6819 Ziemkot / kotniak

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2022.01.19 08:38 Roman-Mania “My Voice, My Platform” — Huskies Use Their Positions to Inspire Change - Northeastern University Athletics

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2022.01.19 08:38 dexterdus Gotta sell a small story book for survival, fast. where to sell it?

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2022.01.19 08:38 coffeeslang Do you shop at Scarlet Supermarket?

Looked interesting with a lot of snacks and drinks. Hotpot seems cheaper there too. I can't read Chinese but most of the dates on the packages (I assume expiry dates) are all 2-3 months ago. Except for Haidilao so only bought that.
What's up with the dates? And what are some recommendations? Saw some 20 trial size snacks for $5
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2022.01.19 08:38 mexican_gringo29 Whole house Cast iron replacement on slab

I have a 2 pipes that need replacing so i figured i might as well knock out the whole house since the inevitable of all them failing will come eventually.I see that the re routing method is good for me considering most of my drain pipes run along exterior walls. The replacement method looks like it just destroys the foundation. I also wonder how well the new concrete will adhere to the old concrete? I've also looked into the trenchless pipe technology, that's seems to be the best because it's the least invasive. Please any advice or considerations is much welcome. It's a big expensive and i don't want to make the wrong decision.
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2022.01.19 08:38 KidAce_X Hope you all can get 1! $60

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