Mama order me these two girls, I love them

2022.01.19 07:03 SarcasticPan01 Mama order me these two girls, I love them

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2022.01.19 07:03 lalulenaa Error message from Instagram when we try to reset the password

A few days ago our Instagram account was hacked. We reported this to Instagram and received a link to reset the password. BUT this link does not work. This error message is displayed: "Oops, an error occurred"! Can anyone help? We are really desperate.
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2022.01.19 07:03 Agrius14 Itx htpc AO9 - really compact case for my 5700g 180w psu. It was a tight squeeze. Plenty of airflow. Enables mounting of an m.2 on rear of mobo with a heatsink and decent clearance for a cpu cooler. Jonsbo cr701 with a 15mm fan. Case from aliexpress. Overall good quality for price.

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2022.01.19 07:03 1800nahyeah New to Tretinoin

I have always had clear skin (save for the mild blind pimple once a year that lingers around for 3-4 months).
Around OctobeNovember this year, my allergies flared up really terribly (I normally use colloidal oatmeal moisturiser to keep it at bay but this time I needed hydrocortisone injections, creams and gels). I couldn’t stop itching my face. Very shortly after I started to notice a lot of comedones along the bottom half of my face and my t-zone becoming a lot more oily by the time I would arrive at work.
The comedones on the bottom half of my face became pustules or moderate to severe pustules and blackheads on my forehead started to form.
Microsoft team meetings were a little embarrassing when I realised colleagues could see the fluorescent light beams reflecting off my forehead like it was a mirror.
Anyways, 3 weeks ago I decided to cut out active ingredients in my skincare routine and repair my skin barrier using only the Cerave cream to foam cleanser, La Roche Posay HA and the Ordinary moisturiser. In the AM I use the Nivea 50+ SPF.
I saw improvements but pustules would break no matter how gentle I was with my skin routine and the amount of blackheads had increased.
Not sure if the above has bored you but I just wanted to put as much info as I could to give you an idea of my routines and barriers.
I saw a doctor today and he prescribed me with doxycyclin (2/day, 25 capsules overall), clindamycin 1% with cetaphil moisturiser and 0.05% tretinoin (ReTrieve cream).
My intended routine would be:
AM CeraVe cream to foam cleanser La Roche Posay hyaluronic acid Clindamycin w/ cetaphil moisturiser Nivea 50+ SPF sunscreen
PM CeraVe cream to foam moisturiser cleanser ReTrieve cream -avoid adding anything else for next 2-3 hours (as directed by my doctor… is this a regular recommendation for tret application?) La Roche Posay hyaluronic acid Clindamycin w/ Cetaphil moisturiser
I forgot to ask my doctor if I could add hyaluronic acid to the new skincare routine… is it recommended to not include hyaluronic acid?
Any feedback or recommendations with the above is immensely appreciated and I am more than happy to provide further info.
Here is to day 1 being on tret.
PS. Sorry if some of this isn’t correct grammar
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2022.01.19 07:03 DiscoZomb1e pentru scolari/liceeni, in institutia voastra s-a respectat greva?

prima ora s-a terminat, a 2-a tot in greva se sta
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2022.01.19 07:03 EmuAshamed9190 dm to cumtribute on her

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2022.01.19 07:03 Mysterious_Device932 Nailed it

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2022.01.19 07:03 truejeff [AFK clear] DH-S-1 and DH-S-2

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2022.01.19 07:03 SimplySlushe Anyone know this one?

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2022.01.19 07:03 jobsinanywhere Transfer news LIVE: Luis Suarez linked with Aston Villa move, Newcastle 'agree Diego Carlos terms'

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2022.01.19 07:03 frauwke Tighten those garters!

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2022.01.19 07:03 turco_lietuvoje Gramatikos klausimas

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2022.01.19 07:03 ian352 How to create Nuxt 3 404 error page?!

I spend hours searching and finally found this article from Vue School.
To make a 404 page you create [...404].vue in pages folder. Is that actually documented somewhere at all?
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2022.01.19 07:03 Old-Guidance6856 Klaar met wachten, ik wil mijn code nu

Mede apen en apinnen. Niet lang geleden kreeg ik mijn eerste CS brieven. Het waren er gelijk twee dus ik dacht Ahhhh yissss boyyyy mn account + code. Helaas was de tweede brief een adreswijziging (??) dus ik wacht nog steeds op brief 2 met de code.... Maar met de gigantische openstaande FTDs en C35+T2 vanaf januari 25 begin ik zenuwachtig te worden... Ik wil mijn code NU! Wie van jullie heeft betaald om de code per email te ontvangen en kan deze gladbreinaap advies geven waar ik moet zijn en hoe duur het is om dit nu te regelen?
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2022.01.19 07:03 goyola-wini how would governments(ussr/usa/ueropean countries) react to Covid in 60-70s?

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2022.01.19 07:03 LordRodrigo1 What are some benefits of the British Raj in India?

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2022.01.19 07:03 Perganator I did this car with Lego and Bootleg pieces.

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2022.01.19 07:03 Skybeaver Anyone else experiencing this on steam?

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2022.01.19 07:03 the_emilya Chilling

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2022.01.19 07:03 62mark Kelly 😍

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2022.01.19 07:03 Jeb_the_Astronaut [request] Will there ever be a point in time, when more people are alive than have already died?

Currently there are 7 billion people alive and an estimated 100 billion people have already died in all of human history. Assuming a population growth of roughly 1,1% per year and a average lifespan of 70 years, how long will it take so there are more people alive than people who have died previously? If it isn't possible, what population growth would be needed?
Obviously this isn't possible due to limited resources and some populations already shrinking due to negative birthrates, but hypothetically if humanity would just grow forever.
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2022.01.19 07:03 Previous_Act_9352 “trigger warning “ I starved myself and stopped taking my medications for 9 days cause my depression mania and suicidal ideation were worse than they’ve ever been and I was hospitalized I’m home now recovering I’m done living this way and feeling so alone

so as the title reads I’ve having a really bad week and half and really just wanna get all of this out I did make a post titled “am I bad friend a week ago“ if anybody even remembers it. English 1000 sorry if this is hard to read all of this
a brief summary of it : I over stayed my welcome at my friends place and put my issues on them which I really regretted and felt quite bad about in the moment instead of dealing with them myself and figuring out another situation for the night somewhere to stay. they agreed to let me stay another night which I really appreciated them doing that for me. essentially my friends roommate locked me out or I would’ve of went back there I couldn’t till the following week
The result of this was my friend cut all ties with me and was wanting nothing to do with me afterwards which made me feel like total shit as it would anybody
since the start of the weekend
was one of the best nights I had with anybody in a long time I was the happiest I’ve been in months I was starting to feel myself again we just had good conversations shared some laughs and chilled out to some music it was so nice and I missed having nights like that so much
as genuinely pathetic as this might sound to some of you i happy cried literally tears running down my face and I couldn't stop sliming but also crying thinking about it in that moment cringe as I went for a walk the next day. The time I got to spend with them just meant so much to me
since I’ve been so lonely and sad lately with this lockdown stuff going on and not going out much I know like so many of you on here. my honestly heart breaks when I read post like this on here I care way to much and wish I could genuinely help all of you being lonely is is truly one of the worst feelings in the world and I can’t even being to describe how much emotional/ mental damage it has done to me and others here when all you is want nothing more than to have deep meaningful connections with others
you try so hard and can never seem to make them work out you feel like your not worth peoples time or never good enough you just become compliant like yeah this is my life some people just are meant to be alone in is my life and in their future that’s my fate what can I do about it might as well accept it
i don’t wanna live this way anymore i have so much to offer and I don’t wanna just communicate with people though a screen anymore I get out their and take my life back
Im not saying I’ve never had friends I have I use to have lots of friends before this pandemic started I was going to parties restaurants bars every day with my friends not obviously all in one night thats even a little to much for me Lol I was having the time of my life and was peaking my social life than Covid happened and everything came crashing down and my friends become distant and eventually our contact just fizzled out and we went our separate ways which was really painful for me finding out all of these friends who I thought were my friends weren’t my friends at all
I have a handful of other online friends and my two roommates I talk to now occasionally so I’m not completely isolated I just feel alone mentally and oken I just can’t describe ese it
depression started to kick in harder than it ever has thinking about all the things that were going to happen when I had finally made it back there.
for some some back story
my father was incredibly abusive and toxic towards me growing up so I feel quite uneasy and uncomfortable in his presence sometimes since I’m reminded of all the things he’s did to me as a kid
but I was desperate and didn’t wanna be stuck out in Waterloo with no where to stay be in the cold
or I would’ve of went anywhere else
upon arriving home I didn’t get a nice welcoming back my parents were arguing about something I don’t remember exactly
so I went to my room tried to ignore it check my phone to see that my friend has blocked me I felt a sinking feeling as one or my only friends had just blocked me somebody I really looked up to respected and cared about so much even know I did fucked up occasionally really badly with them I always did feel this way about them if They asked me for anything or they needed somebody to talk to I would be there for them without hesitation
so after finding out about all of this that I had been blocked I desperately text them to try to resolve this and try to ask them why they don’t wanna talk to me they give me their reasons it ends there I go back to just trying to distract myself and try to feel better but nothing worked I was feeling so much like a failure and so worthless afterwards i was starting to disassociate my depression was spiralling out of control and my suicidal ideation was kicking into high gear again i tried to cut myself since I use to self harm to get some of this out I grabbed a knife out of the kitchen and attempted I couldn’t do it I tried and tried it wasn’t just losing this friend that made me feel this way
my life I've been suicidal for most of last year cause I didn’t have anyone in my life despite that I’m usually very much mentally well and a productive person majority most of the time I just have these moments happen and they really scare me cause it isn’t me
so I thought more into ways I could kill myself various different ways and the easiest one my mind could come up with is stop eating and don’t take your medications one of which is life threatening if I don’t take it so I was really lucky I didn’t have severe complications from it I just was really mentally unwell and I didn’t know who to turn to or talk to about all of this I usually reach out to the self help line but I couldn’t get myself this time I just genuinely wanted this to be the end
I didn’t eat all day and just was giving up my mind was working against me now every way it knows how too when I get into these disassociating episodes
I didn’t eat for that day and didn’t the next and the next day the days were just flying till it was the 9th day today and I had to be rushed by ambulance to the hospital cause I was having really bad chest pains and I couldn’t tolerate the pain anymore. I spend several hrs then and was discharged I was thinking about everything their in my life and doing some serious self reflection and coming to terms with things and thinking of was my life could get better so I don’t have to go on like this I’m thinking way more positive mental state now now and feeling way better tomorrow is a new day and I’m going to do everything I can to turn this around for myself and turn it into an learning experience a lesson of some sorts so this never happens to me again i feel like this gave me a new perspective on life and what I wanna do with it and I’m glad in fucked up way I had I just think it’s the Wake up call I needed to get my shit together they say things in your life happened for a reason and this Is one of those moments
if you were wondering how I was starving myself i was just drinking enough water to not feel too light headed since if I stopped everything would spin around me i would crash temporality during the day from pure exhaustion and lack of energy
I was acting manic and my parents weren't around and are completely clueless when it comes to dealing with these situations besides just offering to go to the hospital which I refused
I was starting to have really bad judgment after a couple days in of this and was doing some really reckless things mostly online thank god and I made this situation with said friend way worse then it needed to be
I started texting them more in a more pathetically spectacular way like a pure dumbass begging and pleading more to just talk to me cause I missed talking to them so much our daily back and fourths it made my day so much better
I’ll admit and own up to things I did and I did it without total regard how it was making them feel which I feel like a terrible person now for how I handled things as I should
since they just didn’t want me to talk to me anymore and I should’ve of left things there respectfully and accepted their wishes
dissociating and mental illness is never an excuse to act or behave that way since I’m 19 a full ass adult now and know way better how to control my emotions and now I deal with situations like this I should’ve of just taken my meds and eaten and it never would’ve of gotten to that
but in the moment my mind just wouldn’t stop cause I was in a hyper fixated mode on how I could fix things between or make it better since this person meant so much to me in my life after all said and done I pushed things way to far and now I’m sure this person will never talk to me after this i could come up with the best apology i can and it still wouldn’t be good enough i‘m sure
they’ve done so much for me without even knowing out
they literally saved my life over the summer if I didn’t meet them I wouldn’t be here right now I had a plan and was going to go though with it they came at the right time in my life when i really just needed somebody to talk to
I appreciated the fuck out of them even know i didn’t always show it I wish I did more and told them how much they really meant to me as a friend

so that’s basically how I tried to find ways to off myself for 9 days
starving myself endlessly and refusing to eat things
stopping my medications cause I had a the worst mental breakdown of my life and lost a friend
I never felt more alone in my life I wish I reached out really to anybody and maybe I could’ve of gotten help sooner so if their is anything to take from this just plea
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2022.01.19 07:03 achirawatm Meet the Great Ice combo

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2022.01.19 07:03 metalero_salsero I need advice how to give specific appraisal feedback?

It's a very specific situation, where I feel my direct manager is really underperforming in some areas. On the other hand, we know each other in real life, and have an unwritten rule of not stabbing each other in the back, so I have to be super sensitive about how I form it.
The thing is, he is canceling our work meetings and 1-on-1s ALL THE TIME. There was even a period where we didn't meet for over a month since he canceled every possible meeting. On the one hand, I understand - life gets in the way, etc. But I felt it became a pattern, where every meeting we had planned in our calendars was going to get canceled. And this is related to the second issue, where he would come later, missing a lot of crucial information and basically freaking out in front of the entire team, causing anxiety to everyone and breaking up our weekly plan because he instructs everyone to do something urgently. So all in all, my advice Id like to convey would be 2 fold actually:
- respect the meetings planned (to a healthy degree, of course) - be more sensitive about addressing the entire team - ask what are the current plans and how we could incorporate his instructions into our agendas.
Any advice on how to form this feedback without sounding toxic/rude/offensive?
Thank you
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2022.01.19 07:03 trap514mtl New scoreboard and more coming to 2042

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