O nivelamento está ok e o gcode tbm está ok (já imprimi esse modelo outras vezes) porém dessa vez o parece sair bem pouco filamento, o que ocasiona nessas linhas finas e frágeis. Alguém sabe o que pode ser?...

2022.01.19 08:28 impressao3dbrasil O nivelamento está ok e o gcode tbm está ok (já imprimi esse modelo outras vezes) porém dessa vez o parece sair bem pouco filamento, o que ocasiona nessas linhas finas e frágeis. Alguém sabe o que pode ser?...

O nivelamento está ok e o gcode tbm está ok (já imprimi esse modelo outras vezes) porém dessa vez o parece sair bem pouco filamento, o que ocasiona nessas linhas finas e frágeis. Alguém sabe o que pode ser?... submitted by impressao3dbrasil to impressao3dbrasil [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:28 Own-Ear-4406 TRIGGERED

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2022.01.19 08:28 Cade561 Just finished the series

I just finished the series last night, and loved absolutely every bit of it up until the last 5ish minutes of season 8. What the hell kind of ending was that?? They get shot and then 7 years later all happy and go lucky? Might have been better to end at season 7 when they had no cliffhanger. It was a decent ending.
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2022.01.19 08:28 surealme How to load and unoad assets/Addressables from a text file?

How to load and unoad assets/Addressables from a text file? My Visual Novel is read from a text file and loads all the assets written in it. For example: SetBackground(textureName) sets textureName as my background from the Resources Folder.
How Can i do the same with Addressables? I am not sure how I can get the AssetReference in runtime using the name of the asset.
And Also with Character SpriteSheets, when referencing to another character, do I have to unload my other character in the scene ?
This is the function i use to set an Image on a layer.
submitted by surealme to Unity2D [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:28 Cunty_Mint How to verify subreddit-specific shadowbans?

I know this account isn't blanket shadowbanned, but there's at least one subreddit where only I can see my own posts and comments, and receive no responses to modmail. You probably know which one it is so no point in pointing it out, but is there any way to get more info?
I've also heard of a "toxic user" flag that can apparently be applied Reddit-wide without the user receiving any kind of message or having trouble posting
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2022.01.19 08:28 walidbenhamza 🔎 SupremeFinance 💎 Total Rewards 95,000 $TRX (for all users) 💰Basic Rewards: All users will receive TRX proportionally from the 95,000TRX pool. 4 entries are required! 📌EVENT Period : January 17th - February 16th GMT +9 📌Winners will be announced on February 23rd.

🔎 SupremeFinance 💎 Total Rewards 95,000 $TRX (for all users) 💰Basic Rewards: All users will receive TRX proportionally from the 95,000TRX pool. 4 entries are required! 📌EVENT Period : January 17th - February 16th GMT +9 📌Winners will be announced on February 23rd. submitted by walidbenhamza to AirDropXFree [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:28 SnooPies8301 How would Dobby address someone not Harry Potter or the Malfoys?

So I'm writing a fanfic and am trying to be as canon compliant as possible except where it is necessary to diverge from canon for the purposes of the story.
At a point in the fic, Dobby appears and talks to Draco (in the fic, Draco has turned spy for the Trio and are passing the trio information while they are hunting horcruxes). How would he address him? "Master Malfoy", "Mr. Malfoy", "Draco Malfoy" or "Draco".
We know that he calls Harry, "Harry Potter" and that in giving Harry his report on Draco's movements during HBP, he says "Draco Malfoy is a bad boy!" But anyone could use Draco's full name in that context.
We also know that in the DH1 movie, he calls Ron "Mr. Weasley".
In addition to talking directly to Draco, at another point in the fic, he needs to refer to Hermione while talking to Draco. How would he refer to her in this context? "Hermione", "Hermione Granger" or "Miss Granger"?
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2022.01.19 08:28 LoveMangaBuddy Read What It Means to be You - Chapter 66 - TrueManga

In exchange for clearing off the royal family’s huge debt, Princess Violet was sent to marry Winter, the duke’s illegitimate son. “I’ve never seen such a wonderful man before in my life.” Although Violet fell in love with her husband at first sight, their arranged marriage was destined to fail from the beginning. “If it were easy, I wouldn’t have come here. Just this once together…..” “Do you real ... Read What It Means to be You - Chapter 66 - TrueManga. Read more at https://truemanga.com/what-it-means-to-be-you/chapter-66
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2022.01.19 08:28 SquirtleTehTurtle Negotiating notice period

I'm currently interviewing for another job thats paying way more than I'm on, giving loads of new opportunities and just overall better for me. But they have asked if I can get my notice period down from 3 months to a shorter time period.
I've done research and found a 3 month notice is usually to allow for training someone new/handing over work in which my current role that won't be necessary as I'm considered a trainee and so wouldn't be asked to train someone new and don't get a lot of work that I'll need to hand over and explain to someone else.
If I am to get the job offer how can I word a resignation letter to include asking for maybe a 1 month notice period?
It's a awkward situation as if I ask and they say no, I won't be able to get the other job, and then they now know I plan to leave the company at some point but would have to withdraw my resignation until I find another job offer.
Any help would be much appreciated
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2022.01.19 08:28 raptorgarbage BikeE conversion kit

My daily is the BikeE AT Recumbent(link below), that I want desperately to convert to an e-bike!Love her, but I envy seeing other cyclists on the road with ebikes! Needless to say, I'm having trouble finding an e-bike conversion kit that's compatible with my cherished recumbent...
Anyone out there have experience(or any insight) to set me in the right direction to find an e-bike conversion kit for a recumbent like mine?
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2022.01.19 08:28 KingDiamond2000 UK Becomes Third Largest Country To Hold Ethereum, While UK Citizens Also Love To Own Doge, Solana, And Ripple

UK Becomes Third Largest Country To Hold Ethereum, While UK Citizens Also Love To Own Doge, Solana, And Ripple submitted by KingDiamond2000 to ethtrader [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:28 Candid-Switch-9299 Dispečeri

Pozdrav, ima li na redditu dispečera iz Srbije koji rade na americkom tržištu? Kakva su vaša iskustva, da li radite samostalno ili za kompanije ? Remote ili iz kancelarije ? Sa kompanijskim vozacima ili owner operatorima ? Koje groseve vijate, kako vas plaćaju? etc.
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2022.01.19 08:28 optionhome Moron seth meyers Celebrates MLK Day By Blasting Republicans For Quoting MLK

Moron seth meyers Celebrates MLK Day By Blasting Republicans For Quoting MLK submitted by optionhome to ConservativesOnly [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:28 SailorOfTheSynthwave Fastest Osu! Singletap Player

Fastest Osu! Singletap Player submitted by SailorOfTheSynthwave to osugame [link] [comments]


Gamma ramp up to $24 strike price
The MM keep having to hedge
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2022.01.19 08:28 vladger456 Russian Snickers White mini Limited edition.

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2022.01.19 08:28 ManBearPig489 No good deed

This turned out to be more of a doozie than I anticipated during my pre Reddit post mental board meeting. TL;DR at bottom.
Well yesterday I (M32) paid in full my negative karmic dividends that apparently were in arrears. I was heading to pick up a friend/co-worker (M33) from his mothers funeral that he got kicked out of due to belligerent intoxication.
I know. I know.... I know.
I fucking know. He’s been dishwashing at the high end steakhouse I serve at, and always seems to have some sort of high octane drama going on in his life, and struggles hard with addiction/ alcoholism. The day prior I spoke with my girlfriend (F39) about possibly letting Mr. bad luck or no luck at all stay in our spare bedroom rent free for a few months to clean up his act. He could save some money, pay off his court fines, get his drivers license back, etc, etc.
I fought addiction/alcoholism/homelessness when I was in my early 20s, and was given a helping hand or two, and finally I felt like I was in a position to pay it forward. Mr. Bullshit bullseye is a hard worker, one of the best dishwashers we have (seriously he’s worth like π of some of the others), he’s always kind and respectful to everybody, and everybody loves him. Even when he’s in the worst of moods, he never takes it out on anybody, he is very good at letting us know he’s feeling the funk and needs time and space to suppress his grumpers. Just an all around rockstar in an environment where emotions tend to run high. (Shout out to all my fellow food service workers who know exactly wtf I’m talking about!)
I felt that if he just had a helping hand, he’d be able to quickly get his shit together, but nobody in his personal life is worth a fiddlers fuck, so up until now, he’s just been on that struggle bus. I speak with him privately about helping him out and if he’d be interested, he humbly and graciously told me he would be grateful for the chance as he teared up. I tell him I’ll talk to the ole’ lady and snag him the next day to bring him by for a chit chat.
Next day (yesterday), I pick up Mr. first day of the rest of his life from his house, and bring him over to see my home, and go over some basics about the opportunity we wish to afford him. The girlfriend and I sit down and speak with him about how to devise a plan for success, and the rules of our home. He agrees all is fair and we tell him we will be ready for him in two weeks (once our new camera security system was installed for our protection, because addict).
1: Hard drugs are a 1 strike, you’re out kind of play while in my home.
2: If you’re going to drink, keep your evidence in your room, or in the trash can outside. (Gf and I are recovering drunks)
3: Weed can be smoked in the garage, and you can use my bong, but never IN the house. (We live in middle class suburbia, and keep a pretty tidy/clean house. Weed smells don’t fit the feng shui) (bet you didn’t know how to spell that. I had to google it too)
4: No friends over at our house. (I know for a 100% fact none of his friends are good influences, and I was taking enough risk with my home/possessions/security with him alone.)
5: Clean up after yourself
6: (but really number 1) Don’t be dishonest to us. I’m not here to judge your mistakes, but lying is a conscious transgression. I’ll forgive relapses, because I get it, been there. Hard drug relapses can’t happen in my house, so make sure you’re somewhere else if you must.
Pretty basic shit. More on that later. Back to the story.
I took him back to his house around 3 pm. His mother died just a week prior, and the funeral was at 4. He asks me to stop by a gas station for smokes on the way, I oblige. It took him nearly 10 minutes to buy a pack of newports. We were the only ones there. He gets back in the truck. “What took so long?” I inquired. “I was talking to my friend who works here” he exclaimed. Ah. Ok. I drop him off at his house 3 minutes later.
Fast forward. He calls me at about 5:30 and gives me some story about how he’s in a bad headspace and doesn’t want to be around some of the people that are at the wake. The story didn’t really add up, but again, not judging, just gonna help a homie out. I tell him I’ll come get him.
I had never been to this place before, so I was using Waze as my navigation. This was a relatively rural area, and Waze directed me to turn down this pretty nasty dirt road that didn't really seem like a commonly driven public road, and there were no tire tracks in the snow/mud which tipped me off that obviously Waze was being dumb, as per usual. I could see the destination marker on the nav, which was maybe 1/4 mile away, and I could see a much more public looking road going straight to it from THE HIGHWAY I WAS JUST ON. When I'm using nav, I don't micromanage the software, I usually just briefly glance down to see where my next turn is, because distracted driving is dangerous driving amirite?!
Anywho, instead of doing the whole "turning around rigamarole," (who's got that kind of time/patience/motivation?) I opted into just continuing forward via the roundabout way, as I was almost there and its not a big deal, CuZ I'm iN a bIg BaD fOuR bY FoUr, and a little mud never hurt nobody. In my lazy, annoyed, big bad Mericuh' mobile moment, I felt the front of my truck abruptly and drastically drop.
I was doing maybe 10-15 mph, and found an ice /snow covered, deep af mud puddle that happened to have a big enough boulder in it that it absolutely manhandled the undercarriage of my truck. Mind you, I have a 4" lift, 35" tires, a high clearance front bumper, skid plates, etc. (Not purely for show, I used to live in BFE and regularly used my truck around our property that wasn't really accessible to vehicles without substantial ground clearance. But also it does look bitchin' I'll be real)
Simultaneously to the front end sinking into the chasm from San Andreas, I heard what can only be described as a.... washing machine?... inside an even bigger washing machine? (I'm bad at analogies, I'm just trying to be entertaining enough to hopefully attract some insight.) I immediately knew it wasn't biological in nature, (log, dirt, sperm whale, etc.) but I din't have any other option but to promptly figure out how to unfuck myself. (not sorry, and bonus fact- it originated in Germany, not France)
I put the truck in reverse and gave it a little juice. Nothing. I engage 4 low and lock my rear differential. The 4x4 engaged light doesn't come on. Horiffic rotating grinding noises from what I'm assuming is my front differential/transfer case? It had never made that sound before when engaging 4wd, whether on the fly or stationary. I put it back in park and heard a clunk that had some pretty serious mass behind it. 4wd engaged light appears and at this point the damage is done, I just need to gtfo of this puddle and on with my life. I put it in drive, and gave it more juice. tires spinning, no movement whatsoever.
Alright. Guess I'm going forward. I put it in drive.
Giant boulder introducing itself (intimately) to everything on/around/near the drivers side of the undercarriage. I feel it vigorously caressing my drivers side step. I open the door and give it a little peek-see. I shouldn't have done that. I should've just turned up my stereo all the way, gave it the beans, and not thought about it and waited for all the problems to just, like, go away. Hindsight 20/20 ya know?
My side step is no less than 30 degrees in an upward trajectory, The rear bracket is completely detached, and that mini Mt. Everest is the only thing protecting the cab of my truck from drowning. (I'm a silver lining kind of dude)
Well, iT cAn'T gEt wOrSe, fUcK iT.
Morgan Freeman: Oh, but it could get worse.
Me: Where tf Morgan Freeman come from?
You: Come on, get to the point already.
I haphazardly hold the door open so I can have a front row seat to the next round of carnage, and I start feathering the gas. The front tires at this point are the only source of traction I have, and luckily they mustered up enough motivation to pull some unpaid overtime for me. I watch the asteroid from Armageddon lazily roll under my cab and jar up and smack my rear tire, which manipulated the boulder into a convenient orientation for making sure the rear axle gets some action too. Fuck yea for being the most fair boulder ever.
I shift to park, disengage the locker and 4wd,
Truck shakes around while trying to courageously do what I asked of it one last time after the gauntlet I just subjected it to without consent. 2wd light comes on. I get out to take a look. Again, bad call. the rear brake bracket is smashed in a way that puts tension on the brake line, permanently making my rear brakes slightly grab. (which I don't realize, yet) The crossmember that supports my transfer case/transmission WAS in a rectangular tube sort of shape 15 minutes ago (probably), and now its essentially smushed flat. (think cardboard box thats been broken down) The passenger side looked me square in the face with envy, as it didn't get to participate in any of the activities the drivers side did. I cross referenced the aesthetics of the passenger side with the damaged side, and was able to deduce that the transmission/transfer case were sitting about 7-10 degrees clockwise from what I would consider "optimal," but I'm not a mechanic.
Luckily the skid plates had most of the fun, as my front differential, suspension fuel tank, most of my exhaust pipe, and rear differential were relatively unscathed (on the outside). The drivers side rocker panel luckily accepted the side step into its heart, and the side step died for the rocker panels sins. There was absolutely no body damage whatsoever besides where the side step rear bracket bent and sheared off the bolts. Not structurally affecting anything, nor visually noticeable. I used the tool kit I keep in my truck to unscrew the 4 bolts holding on the front side step bracket, throw it in the bed, and saddle back up because I have a buddy relying on me to save him from a class 3 mental breakdown and I can't leave a bro hangin when he's hurting.
I put it in drive, take my foot off the brake, anddddd.....
Das weird. Usually it'll at least creep forward without throttle input, but member the whole bent brake bracket thing? I member. I give it some gas, and it goes easily enough, but it feels like I'm towing a small trailer weighing about 1830 double cheeseburgers with bacon (specifically those hefty fuckers from 5 guys). I knew the brakes were rubbing enough to be an inconvenience, but still probably less than the amount of brakes these old ass left lane Kansas City drivers are using, so I'm good right?
I proceed on my route. Waze is now telling me to make a U-turn when it is safe to do so. Waze wants me to go back the way I just came, and is now showing the route that I previously noticed made more sense. I'm literally not making this up. I'd like to take this opportunity to slander Waze, but I'm gonna let it go because of all the times it told me about all those cops I definitely woulda sped past if not for Waze. We're even.
I pick up the man of the hour, my truck is covered with mud. Not puddle mud, but that mud bog swamp shit. He is pretty.... umm. uggh... well it took a few tries to get into the truck. (In all fairness the door handle is at his 5’4” frames chest level) He managed to clean the outside of my truck with the clothes he was wearing and was nice enough to bring it into the truck with him and out of the cold. My leather seats were looking too good anyways, long overdue.
I asked him how much he had to drink. He sheepishly said “one or two”. Lol. K. I don’t push it. Onward.
I'm driving back home and my truck just doesn't feel right (lol obvs). I can definitely tell the brakes are not going to be acceptable for long without attention. I tell mr drunk depresso espresso he's gonna crash in my spare room because my truck is playing, and in the shape he was in could probably use a nice clean environment to clean up and wake up in. (He lives in the hood-est of hoods, with people that only pressure him to continue his self destructive lifestyle. nah.)
I boldly merge onto the highway, but keep it slow to feel what I can feel. Truck shifts from 6th to 3rd out of the blue because "hold my beer and watch this" I'm assuming my transmission said to my engine. Great. everybodys drunk except me. I can feel the rolling resistance pretty well from the brakes, and I'm assuming the locking brakes are making the transmission think it needs to downshift as if its climbing a hill. Again, not completely locked, but enough that I can stop at least as fast as a Peterbuilt without pushing the brake pedal.
Roll into the driveway. Get Mr. down on his luck some clothes. We are hanging out upstairs conversing and Mrs. “my car is still fine” and I confront him about his behavior. I reminded him of my biggest pet peeve, which is being lied to. He gave me a somber look, and spilled the beans. He admitted to buying a bunch of mini bottles at the gas station earlier (the one I took his ass to). He bought even more on his way to the wake 20 minutes after I dropped him off. He pulled 8 empty minis out of one of his pockets. They just kept coming. I swear his pockets contained the portal to Narnia. He also had 6 more full ones. JFC.
He apologizes for being dishonest, and I asked him if we could trust him moving forward, because he was off to a rough start considering he was already blowing smoke before he even moved in. He belligerently suggested that maybe he didn’t need our help and didn’t ask for it. I tell him we weren’t forcing him to do anything, just offering him a chance to get his life together.
I tell him how I had previously spoken with my neighbor Nathan, who flips cars as a hobby, and told him a little bit about his situation. Nathan and I agreed to go halfsies on a beater with a heater for Mr. soon to be licensed, free of charge if he’d just get clean and work towards better. At that point Mr. shitfaced sandwich thinks it’s a pretty solid motivator. I’m inclined to agree.
He exclaims that he really wants to finish the bottles he has in a last hurrah, and asks if we’d be mad at him. I tell him we wouldn’t be mad, because we understand, however he needs to maintain a respectful demeanor whilst in our abode. That was apparently too much to ask. Over the course of the next half hour, he finished the 6 remaining bottles. He goes out to smoke every 5 minutes. Throws his butts into the yard instead of the apparently inconveniently placed ash tray on the patio table. Hawks the phattest loog I have ever seen (seriously, this thing looked like slimmer from Ghostbusters) on my wooden deck. Uncouth. I’m frankly getting pissed. He comes inside. I ask him to remove his shoes. Apparently that was where I fucked up.
I get the riot act. Apparently “he don’t take his shoes off in nobody’s house, and fuck my stupid rules and fuck that bitch too” as he points to Mrs. just trying to be supportive. We’re aghast. He goes out the back sliding door and slams it. Starts walking through my neighbors backyard. Proceeds to start reefing on the gas line service pipe that’s exposed in the egress behind our houses. I ask him wtf he’s doing. He starts running towards the backyard of the house 4 doors down, which is the closest house with a fence. That fence fucked up by existing that day. He starts ripping planks off one by one. He could’ve squeezed through by removing 2, but nah. He pulled off 16 feet worth. (Seriously, we measured today.)
It is probably 10:30 at night, 25 degrees (freedom units), and tbh I live in a neighborhood with fairly high private firearm ownership. He’s wearing all black, with his hood up. I’m just sayin’, he was overwhelmingly putting himself in a position to breathe his last breath. I had no choice. I made the call.
I explained to the police dispatcher the situation, and advised them that he was more or less having a mental health crisis, rather than having egregious criminal intent. The police arrived within 45 seconds of placing the call. (what’s up now, Jimmy Johns?) He was just sitting by the fence he didn’t like, barefoot. (Apparently he only doesn’t take his shoes off in a house).
They take him into custody (incident free!) for a 12 hour detox hold, and advise me they would seek a medical hold warrant for him. The fence owners pressed charges for vandalism. I found my wallet in my backyard. (Not usually where I put it, but I am absent minded sometimes.) my heart sinks. I’m now livid. Yet, I refrain from informing the cops of that, as nothing was missing, and the grand larceny charge likely would’ve put him away for the remainder of his life, considering he’s already on his second liver. At this point the offer to help him is fully rescinded.
Today I sheepishly went over with Mrs. long ass story to introduce ourselves to the victims of this tragic incident. Nicest. People. Evarrrr omg gurl. I profusely apologized for what happened, and told them we felt responsible, as we invited the problem into our community. After much deliberation, they agreed to let me pay for and fix the fence. We chatted for a score, exchanged #s, and are going to bbq together this summer fuck yea! Turns out, they’re recovering alcoholics too! They completely understood the situation, and admitted they only pressed charges because the police would’ve had to let him go if they didn’t. Fair enough. The story is wrapped.
I called insurance and filed a claim. Truck is getting towed to the body shop for an estimator to see whats what tomorrow. The truck could possibly be totaled, as it may need a new front differential, transmission, transfer case, exhaust, brakes/ brackets, crossmember which is welded to the frame, a wheel is bent, the side step, and for some reason the entire drivers side of the truck is sitting 2 inches or so lower than the passenger side now. Could potentially be upwards of 20 grand worth of damage. My truck books at about 25k USD, but to replace it with a bone stock comparable example and I'm looking at 30-35k USD based on what I see for sale with the year, engine, options, mileage etc.
I have 4k USD worth of wheels and tires.
I have a 8k USD suspension
I have a 7k USD stereo
maybe 4-5k worth of other miscellaneous accessories.
Im gonna get a check for 20-25 grand for my truck that’ll cost me 60k to replace. Dope! Im gonna spend 500 bucks out of pocket to replace a section of fence I didn’t break. Hellz yea bruh! Guess what!? It’s only money, I’m still sober, and I know now reflecting back on what happened that I really am a pretty solid dude. Im not even mad. I learned a lot about myself in a very short period of time, and I’ve paid more money for less knowledge in the past. (Fuck you student loans for a degree I didn’t use. heh. Gotem)
So in less than 12 hours, just attempting to help out a friend in need I effectively lost 35 grand, but learned to love myself more. No ragrets.
My girlfriend is awesome, my neighbors are awesome, I’m fucking awesome, and I might be getting a new car that gets better gas mileage!
P.s. I took my Aderall a little late today so I was right in the "productivity zone" when I wrote this. My bad, I'll do better. Also, I arbitrarily added paragraph brakes retroactively, as I got bored proof reading it, so I figured I'd give my fellow ADHD readers a good selection of pausing points to grab snacks or smoke or something. I'm aware they're likely grammatically incorrect in placement.
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2022.01.19 08:28 realhiphopfiles Royce 5’9” - I Don't Age

Royce 5’9” - I Don't Age submitted by realhiphopfiles to realhiphopfiles [link] [comments]

2022.01.19 08:28 Iusedtobetight So EA banned my account right..

It’s been 4 days and countless emails back and forth and they REFUSE to tell me why I got banned. I’ve even told them I don’t even want the ban lifted, all I want is to know what I have done and they still refuse to tell me.
Is this normal or something? Don’t you need to present a reason to ban someone’s account? Especially when they’ve spent well over $1000 on this game.
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Appreciate Up Votes!! Thanks!!
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2022.01.19 08:28 chahlie Looking for a good therapist in GR

Any recommendations are appreciated!
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Put crypto in to earn even more crypto! It’s really that simple with Haru.
Haru supports three crypto assets.
Bitcoin (BTC) Ether (ETH) Tether (USDT)
Haru is a digital asset investment platform that offers an interest-bearing crypto deposit service and fund service.
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2022.01.19 08:28 Bonus1Fact [News Shorts] Tracking President Biden’s 1st year in office ¦ ABC News on Youtube

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2022.01.19 08:28 Natureza0 My neighbor Chuntaro

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