Hey guyz! CHeck this video please))

2022.01.19 08:46 Bite-Ornery Hey guyz! CHeck this video please))

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2022.01.19 08:46 85x10 Which RCM IN 41212(2) CDM is Kante, lcm aouar WW

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2022.01.19 08:46 ibralicious Parents of reddit, what is a something you plan to tell your child only after they grow up?

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2022.01.19 08:46 Rhaenys_Waters Come on, it's truth

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2022.01.19 08:46 Karllegaspi011 Book 2 Spoiler

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2022.01.19 08:46 Thow-up Age and Tenure

The Tenure of management currently has to be 1 year. But don’t worry the kid with a degree in Astrology is making $20,000 more than you out the gate !! During your next meeting he/she will go over how your zodiac signs is preventing you to getting to the next step in your career.
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2022.01.19 08:46 Mr_Flowjangles Full-On July 2nd, 1961 Hemingway-Comma-Ernest

When I wake up in the morning after pretending that I sleep Decide which wrong side Of the four surrounding me Happens to be this morning’s little daily doozy of a blunder where I kamikaze outward with my feet flailing upwards as gravity straight up slams me and my groggy ass into the hardwood floor that is reality. Judges score my poor excuse of an inward piking dive straight zeros across the board due to the horrendous showing that was my tragically bad execution and form. Amidst the grunts, groans and moans That I perpetually bellow out in mourning Of the ever evanescent absentee morning glory I slowly begin reverting back to a rise-and-shine composure Once Again levelheaded; back nose-over-tail I ascend like a phoenix from the cacophony of crooned bellyaching betwixt eclipsing melancholic bolstered wails Somehow I Colonel-Muster-up the strength to set my sails And take off slowly crawling for the kitchen Looking as if i was impersonating a disabled paraplegic dying snail sluggishly running himself up and off of the rails…
When I drag my lazy ass to coffee in the morning after convincing myself that I actually ever do really sleep… Lay a new filter down, Add a cup of finely ground up rounds Grab the little empty pot, Fill it nearly to the top With whatever h20 and/or leftover vodka that ya got, Pour the liquid down the spinal chord of this magical machine Slide the newly empty pot Firmly back up in its’ spot, Hit the button at the bottom And hope that I’m still alive and breathing when it finally brews the whole lot. To ensure that it’s properly working It’s probably best to crowd and hover overtly closely over it If I’m lucky all of the excess heat will help fully deplete and, in turn, This Completely freeing me From the left over toxins that got me staring super close and all sorts of creepily Like a goldfish swimming in an aquarium Would almost certainly see A cat directly outside locked on with its eyes Deeply contemplating how To extract the little free tiny fishy feast Sitting easily within an arm’s reach, Sink in its teeth for today’s protein. Shit, now I’m hungry But I ain’t got time to eat. Guess I’ll have a cigarette instead Relax and try to un-fuck my head…
But when I waste away half of my morning Playing the waiting game for coffee, tea, or espresso Even though that I already know Each of these offers me Hardly any help as I stand there in limbo For what feels like a goddamned full eternity Just standing there in my kitchen But lost deep inside the depths of my mind Physically I’m frozen; While I mentally visualize What feels like a passing of the ages Rewinding backwards through time Seemingly reverting itself and I All the way back into Cretaceous But I can hear that snarky little shit-grinned clock up on the wall Steadily tick-tock-ticking itself on along When all I wanna hear is the drip-drip-drop Of my caffeinated false-idol-cure-for-all Man, I’m Trying to stay headstrong; But feeling all sorts of withdrawn Gonna die; can’t go on, How and why the fuck is this synthetic adrenaline analog taking so goddamned freakishly long?
FINALLY!… It’s done! Phew, talk about service! For a hellish hot minute there I was definitely getting nervous. Well, more so half-feeling Like I was thrown inside of a burning furnace While the other half of me was about to go full-on July 2nd, 1961 Hemingway-comma-Ernest... Now knock this batch back Right down the esophageal hatch And quickly get that backup Prepped and brewing stat. I guess that you could say I’m feeling slightly more awake Yet definitely still exhausted to death Only now it’s with some shaky ass hands And super gnarly warm pungent breath Take a scorching hot power shower Singeing burdens; searing stress Washing away each of last night’s regrets Get in—get out—get dressed Smelling fresh; still looking dead Call it “Weekend at Burnies” Except with no nephews or friends Next step, get the rest of the coffee Pour it all inside of your thermos Make a run for the whip Without burning your epidermis Cause you seriously gotta get That visibly not-so-new Clearly screwed-up unimproved Half-dead hermit-crab-ass to work, kid Torpedo through the door Kamikaze down the stairs Now haul that ass out; Punch-in when you’re there Exuberantly storm all up in that bitch With an overtly commanding presence Glorified by a bogus false sense of purpose While simultaneously pretending You are totally convinced Showing-up; clocking-in there is Realistically in any way, shape or form Actually fucking somehow ever even worth it to begin with… [Spoiler Alert: It just simply really fuckin’ isn’t]
BUT OH SHIIIT!!! I’m pretty sure that I’m absolutely certain I maybe did or maybe didn’t accidentally without a doubt, possibly—but definitely did, uhhh… Yeeeeaaah, fuuuuck man, I left that stupid coffee machine burning goddamnit.
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2022.01.19 08:46 ElectroAmin That 100 ohm normal resistor should replace with fusible one,are these two 100 ohms fusible?

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2022.01.19 08:46 SupremeSanj510 Reactions?

Who else wonders how everybody reacted during Mirabel’s Gift Ceremony? During and After? I’d assume that of course her parents and Abuela were upset and confused but what about Pepa and her side of the family? Her sisters? And Bruno? Did the whole village cause a commotion? What do you guys think?
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2022.01.19 08:46 jwheels_14 them latest chaps are wild

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2022.01.19 08:46 KeyAssociate4599 Sett and Aphelios Wedding.

Ok. So as you know Sett and Aphelios wedding is coming up. Everyone was so excited that they were having a marriage except for one... Seraphine. She has stalked him for the last year now and is now furious that he is gonna marry a 🚬🐐. So she decided to launch a GoFundMe to buy a wedding ring but it flopped only raising a dollar. So she decided to disrupt the wedding which she did. Months later the wedding happend. Everyone had a great time until Seraphine arrived. She came up to Sett and said. 'I can grill your eggplanties with just one ult. James Charles style!' Sett was obviously disgusted and tried to kick her out of the wedding but then she ulted him. After that it smelled like stinky 💩. The wedding smelled so horrible they were charmed by it including Sett. So she decided to bring him and live a Happily Ever After.
The End.
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2022.01.19 08:46 mareli1 are griefing cooldowns reseting like regular cooldowns

if i get 24h cd is it gonna reset to 24h after some time or its gonna be 2 days even if i play 1 month later (are griefing cooldown levels reseting)
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2022.01.19 08:46 wildwood1q84 I almost killed my mother today.

This is probably not the place to say this but I really need to let it all out or I might seriously do something grave to myself. I'm sorry if this isn't allowed here, and it's okay if it gets taken down.
For context, I'm 25F, living with my single mother, 45 (she's unemployed for a long time now, so she just stays in the house for more than a decade now), and my half sister, 11.

I woke up late today... around 10:30am today. I figured that since it's pretty late, I might as well cook a heavy brunch for all of us. I have been feeling extremely on edge since the beginning of this year because I'm processing important documents for my migration to another country. I'm really, really on edge about this but I'm trying my best to keep it together. I also ended a 10-year friendship a few days ago, and the altercation was intense (mostly due to the fact that my mother was also involved). And I'm also having relationship problems because this pandemic is proving to be a hindrance for me to see my partner on the regular (we live far away from each other).
And since my mother has Illness Anxiety, she always magnifies her ailments from the moment she wakes up. Today is the day she decided she's not "feeling good," and just wanted to stay in bed. I was okay with that but we also have an 11 y/o to feed. So, while I was cooking brunch for us, she told my sister to help me out with the kitchen work. Since I'm going to leave the country for good, I might as well teach my sister how to feed herself when our mother is feeling sick. I got really irritated by the sounds my sister was making with the pots and the pans banging together. I told her not to do that, and she kept repeating it while making excuses as to why she's so noisy working in the kitchen. I was slowly getting drowned by the loud sounds of the kitchen appliances, and I snapped at my sister telling her she shouldn't be banging the pots and pans and the spatula and the forks and the spoons so loudly. She was still giving me the same excuse that her hands we oily and that she just had to use her knees to loudly push the cabinet doors shut. She was mad at me, and stormed off.
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2022.01.19 08:46 Zendreq An investigation about Mo's parental legitimacy

So I was watching a Youtube video a few days ago. For anyone interested, the channel is Hamid.TV , but it's only in Arabic, unfortunately. Hamid pointed out very good points about the legitimacy of Mo's birth.
The story of the marriage of Abdulla and Aminah (Mo's alleged parents) was that Abdulla and AbdulMutalib (Mo's alleged grandfather and Abdulla's father) went to two sisters, Aminah and Halah. They both married the sisters the same day (weird as fuck but that's pre-Islamic Arabia, I guess). Abdulla married Aminah, and AbdulMutalib married Halah. Abdullah spent 3 months with Aminah before he left on the trading mission at which he died. This means that there was only a 3 months window for Mo to be conceived by Aminah.
AbdulMutalib and Halah did have a child together, and his name is Hamzah (Mo's alleged uncle). If the 2 marriages were consummated within the same period, it means that Mo and Hamzah should have been roughly the same age. If Hamzah was conceived 3 months before Mo, that means that the maximum age gap they should have is 3 months (if Hamzah was older than Mo). However, Mo can be years older than Hamzah because AbdulMutalib died after Abdullah.
The problem: HAMZAH IS FOUR YEARS OLDER THAN MO, ACCORDING TO THE ISLAMIC SOURCES THEMSELVES. The only possible way this happens, is if Aminah remained pregnant with Mo for 4 years before delivering him, which is impossible. This is a very good indicator that Mo was a bastard and not a legitimate son of Quraysh. Further indications can be derived from the following years of Mo's life, which a lot of it was unfortunately skipped over as it was pre-Islam Mo.
We have probably all been taught about how Aminah sent Mo to Halimah Al Saadiyah to be breastfed by her for 2 years, then when the 2 years were done and it was time for Mo to return to his mother, Mo was sent back for another 2 years. We have been told that reason this happened was that it was known in the Jahilyah that newborns are sent to the desert dwellers to be breastfed, grow strong, and acquire the deep desert Arabic tongue, and it was commonly practiced back then. Let me ask you this: who else do we know of Quraysh's newborns that has undergone the same thing? For me personally, I only ever heard this happened to Mo, and no other example of a Quraysh newborns were given in the Sirah.
Doesn't it seem weird to claim that newborns were sent to the remote desert dwellers to pick up the Arabic tongue, and then constantly be bombarded with claims that Quraysh was the mother of Arab tribes? Why would a child of the mother of all Arab tribes need to pick up the Arabic tongue from some other lesser known remote Arab tribe? Why would Aminah send Mo back for another 2 years, if the known period of breastfeed adoption was 2 years only? Shouldn't his own mother be yearning to see him again?
My guess is that Aminah did it because she was ashamed and/or feeling guilty of having an illegitimate child. It seems A LOT more reasonable that way. She wanted to hide her shame from her tribe, and couldn't bear raising a bastard in a 7th century Bedouin society.
Another indicator is by examining the insult Ayahs in the Quran. Surat Al Masad (111):

تبت يدا أبي لهب وتب
"Tabbat" is a spin off reply to what Abu Lahab told Mo on the day he gathered Quraysh to preach his prophethood. Abu Lahab told Mo: "Tabban lak", which means "curse you". And Mo spinned off "Tabban lak" to "Tabbat yada" (perished the hands) to come back at Abu Lahab.
Another insult in the Quran is from Surat Al Kawthar (108:3):
Lo! It is thy insulter (and not thou) who is without posterity
Which is an Ayah meant as a come back to AlAas ibn Wael who insulted Mo for by telling him he was a cut-off (having no male heirs to carry his lineage and name). Quran, as always, responded with a "no you" level of comeback, even though AlAas had sons already.
Which brings us back to this Ayah (68:13):
{ عُتُلِّۭ بَعۡدَ ذَٰلِكَ زَنِيمٍ }
Sahih International: Cruel, moreover, and an illegitimate pretender.
The translators of this verse mostly tried to hide how ugly the word "Zaneem" is. "Zaneem" either means a bastard (son of Zina), or a child who was attached and adopted to a tribe but not having their blood.
This verse was revealed for either AlWaleed ibn AlMughirah, or AlAkhnas ibn Shuraiq. However, Tafsirs say nothing about what exactly triggered this revelation. But the "no you" pattern could possibly lead us to a potential conclusion: they called Mo a bastard and an attached child of the tribe.
There are more indicators as well. Mo in several Hadiths claimed to have been chosen among the best of people and most authentic of tribes. Several Hadiths and Islamic sources greatly emphasize on the Quraysh lineage, and how Mo was proud of it.
There is also a story of Abu Sufiyan ibn AlHarith, Mo's alleged cousin, who was said to be one of the poets of Quraysh who was writing insulting poems about Mo. Curiously, none of his poems were ever shared or mentioned, and are no where to be found. After Fatih-e-Makkah, Abu Sufiyan (plus another cousin) requested an audience with Mo. Umm Salamah (one of Mo's wives) came in to tell him that. Mo declined to meet them, saying:
لا حَاجَةَ لِي فِيهِمَا، أَمَّا ابْنُ عَمِّي فَهَتَكَ عِرْضِي، وَأَمَّا ابْنُ عَمَّتِي وَصِهْرِي فَهُوَ الَّذِي، قَالَ لِي بِمَكَّةَ مَا قَالَ .
My translation: "I have no need for them. My cousin (Hatak 'irdi), and my other cousin and in-law was the one to say to me in Mecca what he has said".
(Hatak 'irdi) is a common Arabic phrase we Arabs use as a sexual dishonorment, mostly. It most commonly refers to an act of sexual assault or rape, so in essence, Mo is saying he was raped by his cousin.
But (Hatak 'irdi) can be less commonly used to refer to someone who has disfigured and insulted someone's lineage and legitimacy. It also doesn't help that Mo also said that the other cousin told him something displeasing to him back in the old days of Mecca.
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2022.01.19 08:46 khalidob الاصدار الاخير 2022 تحميل تطبيق القيصر alkaicer tv apk

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2022.01.19 08:46 ThePooCEO cheats

  1. in this server there are pretty much no rules and we are mainly selling cheats the games that we sell cheats for are escape from tarkov, rust and csgo if you are instrested join up and just ask for someone https://discord.gg/2btUKCetS4
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2022.01.19 08:46 maggie805 This carrot I found at work.

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2022.01.19 08:46 Technical_Yogurt_537 Liu Bei pedophillia simping for sun xiaomei

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