My gf vomited while giving me a bj

2021.10.20 10:45 TiboPlayzRL My gf vomited while giving me a bj

That sucked
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2021.10.20 10:45 k2talksalot I think we all can relate 🤣

I think we all can relate 🤣
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2021.10.20 10:45 Theunknownmagicspell What can one expect to be learning in a chemical engineering program?

So I'm someone who just got done with high school, without much knowledge about all the engineering fields & now I've to make a decision of choosing one engineering branch and I wanna know what course does this branch entail? Like what will I be taught? Is it high on maths/physics? If yes,then what kinda topics?
Upshot- what parts of sciences will he dealing with?
P.S. sorry if I'm not able to explain better, English isn't my first language.
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2021.10.20 10:45 DetroitToAtlanta If you could have one superpower, what would it be?

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2021.10.20 10:45 sidpost Good 26800 battery charger that is not a magnetic USB charger?

Generally, I like to use 500~750ma charging when I'm not in hurry, whether it's my cellphone, tablet, or a flashlight battery. However, sometimes ~14hrs is simply not reasonable to charge a battery so, >1A charging is desired when I need a faster charging cycle.
I have Nitecore and Xstar chargers but, they won't fit these long cells. My Astrolux FT03 needs a battery for its new battery tube! What charger is recommended for these cells?
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2021.10.20 10:45 ILikeToLickStuff ITAP of a building

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2021.10.20 10:45 XLoveCam This Asian lady redefining the word tall

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2021.10.20 10:45 NeedsLovings I love this app sometimes

InviteAndEarn Fill my invitation code MM9VA to join StarMaker share cash, the highest can receive up to 1,000 worth of gifts in total!
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2021.10.20 10:45 November_Riot Final Fantasy upbeat songs?

Im trying to put together a playlist that includes some of the more upbeat poppy songs from FF but outside of 10-2 I can't think of anything else.
To clarify, I'm not looking for instrumental stuff but actual songs with lyrics. Iirc most are really melancholy though. I'm hoping there's one or two I missed though.
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2021.10.20 10:45 Accurate-Custard-972 Conheci uma menina e apaixonei muito rápido, agora não sei o que fazer.

A história começa assim, a mais ou menos 2 meses atras uma menina muito bonita apareceu no local onde trabalho, trocamos olhas, mas com sou bastante tímido não pensei que virasse algo ou qualquer coisa.Para minha supressa na mesma noite a menina pediu para me seguir no Instagram. Eu se quer sabia o nome dela, fiquei muito feliz e segui novamente pensando já em falar com ela, descobri o twitter e resolvi puxar assunto por la...Depois de um certo tempo de conversa estávamos muito íntimos já, conversamos o tempo todo, mandávamos memes, fofocas, e tudo que um casal conversa normalmente, era bem reciproco. Confesso que me apaixonei por ela, estava muito apegado e ela correspondia, estamos combinando de sair e ficar, porem alguns imprevistos ocorreram, e como ela estuda durante a noite, só restavam os finais de semana para nós se encontrar...Porem sexta passada enquanto conversamos por mensagem, ela revelou que também conversava com outro cara, isso me deixou confuso e cismado. Não conseguia entender como ela conseguia ter quele tipo de afeto comigo e mesmo assim ainda conversar com outra pessoa, foi então onde as coisas começaram a dar errado. E eu resolvi me afastar não mandando mais msg e o clima acabou, ela começou a me dizer que mesmo que a gente não "tivesse algo" palavras delas. A gente ainda poderia ser amigos. Concordei com ela afinal amizade nunca é demais...Mas ainda sim queria ficar com ela e sair, foi então ai que perguntei se ela ainda teria interesse em mim. E a resposta dela foi que havia "perdido o pic" :(Estou bem mal no momento por ter acredito que teríamos alguma coisa... estamos conversando ainda, porem o clima esfriou bastante. não sei o que fazer, devo esquecer ela e bola pra frente? ainda gosto dela e penso nela o dia todo!.
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2021.10.20 10:45 Guinness1313 Why isn’t PokerGo streaming these types of final two tables?!?! You have a sick line up of pros going for history, but yet again we have to settle for no names playing in big field tournaments no one cares about. Anyone else agree?

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2021.10.20 10:45 PM_UR__BUBBLE_BUTTS What’s something that society might say someone is too old to do, but you should do it anyways?

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2021.10.20 10:45 the_boat_is_sinking_ let's not get too ahead of ourselves here...

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2021.10.20 10:45 TakeThePoo2theLoo I was reading Mushoku Tensei when suddenly...

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2021.10.20 10:45 kitchenglock Project AT Fighter 001: Waluigi

The purple prankster of the Wario Bros, Waluigi.
Waluigi made his very first debut in the Mario spin-off sports game, Mario Tennis. He was made literally to be the arch-rival to Luigi (as Wario is to Mario) and as a partner-in-crime with Wario. He only ever appears in spinoff games and hasn’t had his chance to be in the spotlight in a mainline Mario game, even Sakurai never seem to gave him the chance in Smash and instead chose Daisy as a newcomer Echo Fighter (to be fair, I kinda loved Daisy being in Smash so I guess it’s probably not that bad). But in Project AT, he finally steals the spotlight he truly deserves. Starting off with his mechanics, Waluigi is a below-average middleweight fighter (about the weight value of Villager), with some rather unorthodox mobility, with great air speed and decent air acceleration but with okay run speed and poor walking and initial dash; he has two deceptively high jumps and is only able to crawl.
Basic Attacks Now making a moveset for Waluigi was rather interesting since unlike Mario, Luigi or Wario, he has only ever appeared in the spin-off titles, so as such, they will be deriving from those sources, but Waluigi will also be performing moves that are similar to Luigi’s moves as well as moves that parallel the moves of Mario and Wario simultaneously. Since Waluigi does have a massive hatred for Luigi, I could imagine him trying to show off and copy some of Luigi’s moves.
For his jab, it’s a 3-hit jab that starts with Waluigi doing an elbow jab, followed by a low kick, then ending it off with a high kick, a reference to his attack pattern in Game and Watch Gallery 4 and the kick performed in Mario Party 3. His dash attack has him do a running soccer slide, like he does in the Mario Strikers series. The side tilt has Waluigi doing a basic tennis racket slice; his up tilt has him do a rising uppercut, similar to Luigi’s up tilt, it has slightly more start-up but has some greater scoop to catch any foes above, and his down tilt has him do a low-to-the-ground stretch kick; it's fairly slow but it has a long lasting hitbox.
For his side smash, he batters up with his baseball bat and does a mighty swing, even capable of reflecting projectiles in front of him; his up smash has him do a headbutt from back to front, similar to the up smashes of Mario, Luigi and Wario, it has some quick frame data but it isn’t very strong and for his down smash, he does a breakdance kick, while it's similar to the styles of the bros, it does make reference to one of his trick maneuvers in Mario Kart 8, this has some long reach and hits hard, but has a quite a bit of end lag.
Now before I get into the aerials, I should mention that they all come out quick but generally have very long end lag, though to compensate, they have very minimal landing lag, so instead of being able to perform a ton of aerials in a single jump, he can perform a set of jumps quickly to perform a large amount of aerials, a reverse take on Luigi’s abilities, which I thinks works nicely. For his N-air, he does a typical sex kick, like with Mario, Luigi and Wario, it’s a lingering move that's powerful at the start of the attack; his F-air has him do a kick from low to high, making reference to another of his trick maneuvers in Mario Kart 8; his B-air has him do a drop kick from behind, propelling him forwards if the attack connects, while it's similar to Mario and Luigi’s B-air, it does reference the Drop Rocket from Super Mario Strikers; his U-air is an innovative attack where he does a scissors kick above him - this attack is unique in that it's the only U-air that’s capable of spiking opponents if it sweetspots and finally his D-air is a dive angled slightly down in reference to the home intros of Mario Strikers Charged Football.
Grabs Waluigi grabs with one arm and pummels by poking the foes’ eyes (Ouch). His forward throw has him bring out a golf club (from god knows where), and perform a golf swing, sending them forwards; his back throw has him perform his Whirluigi, spinning with the foe in a leg-up fashion before throwing them away; his up throw is throwing the opponent underhanded, jump up to the foe then throw them straight back down onto the ground, bouncing them up into the air, referencing his dunks in Mario Hoops 3-on-3; and his down throw is stomping the opponent down to the ground, burying them, an attack that he does in Smash Bros as an Assist Trophy.
Special Attacks For Waluigi’s neutral special, he uses the staple item in Mario Party, the Dice Block, it rolls from 1 to 10 and each number has a certain effect, similar to that of Mr. Game & Watch’s Judge. Rolling a 1 will actually give Waluigi a negative status, slightly reducing his weight and fall speed while also being faster in the ground; rolling a 2 will give a loss in his attack power, reducing all damage given by 5%; rolling a 3 will produce a small confetti explosion that deals small damage and knockback; rolling a 4 will produce a windbox that only pushes opponent away, it doesn’t deal damage; rolling a 5 will create an explosion that deals poison damage, slowly dealing damage over a small period of time; rolling a 6 will produce an electric shock, paralyzing opponents; rolling a 7 will give Waluigi a major boost in his smash attacks, dealing a lot more damage and knockback; rolling an 8 will bury grounded opponents (and meteor smash them if they’re in the air); rolling a 9 will freeze opponents and rolling a 10 produces an explosion that deals major damage and knockback. This is a move in which you’ll need RNG to be in your favour, or you might end up going bankrupt in more ways than one.
His side special has him use his super ability from Mario Strikers Charged Football, Wall-Luigi! After a bit of start lag, Waluigi moonwalks straight forwards or backwards depending on the input of the control stick during the start lag, creating thorny purple vines behind him, which act as a wall. The foes cannot get past the wall with a dodge roll, they have to jump over the wall, Waluigi included, but this wall can allow for him to be protected from any attacks from the front or the back, making it a very interesting defensive option. It can even be used in the air for some horizontal recovery but no vines can be created and he goes into freefall afterwards.
Next, for Waluigi’s up special, he performs the Swimming Return, a move from Mario Power Tennis in which Waluigi swims in mid-air (Don’t ask how he does it, just roll with it), it functions similarly to Wario’s up special, where Waluigi swims in the air upwards and can be slightly tilted horizontally, the attack has a sweetspot at the apex of the recovery height and can deal extra damage if it lands.
And finally, for Waluigi’s down special, he makes use of an Item Box to twist the game into his favour. Item Boxes in the Mario Kart series can give players a nifty item to help make winning races all the more easier. But for Project AT, he won’t be making use of the typical green and red shells, spinies or mushrooms, he’ll be making use of 6 incredibly obscure items found in Mario Kart Arcade GP. The first item being a tub, with Waluigi throwing it forwards and any foe hit by it becomes buried or meteor smashed if in the air; the second item being tacks, when thrown, they stay there and linger on the ground for a long time, any foe who comes into contact with them, will be dealt with non-direct, non flinching damage when they stay there, Waluigi included; the third item being cream pie (yummy), when Waluigi throws them, the foe will be covered in pie cream and it will cause their controls to be reversed; the fourth item being the Black Shell, which is basically if a green shell and a bob-omb fell in love and had a baby, when thrown, they act like typical Green Shells but when they make contact with anything, they explode; the fifth item being the Gold Shell, which is the same as the Black Shell but now it can home in on foes like a red shell, although it deals less damage and knockback than the black shell and the sixth item being the Thunder Cloud, where he throws it at a foe and the cloud floats above the foes head, much like a Spiny Shell, any foe underneath the cloud gets a major boost of speed for 10 seconds, however, after the 10 seconds, they then get struck by the Thunder Cloud and are then shrunken down, the cloud can be passed on to other players, including Waluigi, simply by attacking them before the lightning strikes.
Overall, when playing with Waluigi, he has quite a handful of mean and rather nasty tricks that makes him the partner of the Wario Bros and mainly ties into Waluigi’s personality, he will do whatever it takes to become the centre of attention and will do whatever it takes to win, even if it means cheating. However those same tricks could also backfire as they tend to have a hole in Waluigi’s plan, no matter how hard he tries to claim victory. So think smart, and every time will be Waluigi Time.
Final Smash: Purple Spike For Waluigi’s Final Smash, he uses his Mega Strike ability from Mario Strikers Charged Football, the Purple Spike! He jumps high into the air, forming a vortex behind him and turning dark purple. He then whips the ground, sending numerous soccer balls onto the stage, they deal small damage but incredible knockback. Each time a ball hits the stage, it explodes into thorns that grow and deal small but high flinching damage, effectively trapping foes if they touch them. The thorns will not disappear until the final smash ends. And if any foe gets hit by any of the chaos, that’s game, right there.
Miscellaneous For colors, his first alternate color has him in a white shirt and dull brown overalls and hat, in reference to his alternate color in Mario Tennis, which is also in reference to Foreman Spike from Wrecking Crew; his second alternate color has him in a red shirt and hat with white polka dots and green overalls, in reference to the Piranha Plants, who tend to have a handful of odd relationships with Waluigi; his third alternate color gives him a red shirt and white overalls and hat, in reference to the Bus Driver outfit from Mario Kart Tour; his fourth alternate color gives him a green shirt and black overalls, in reference to Luigi’s appearance in the Super Mario Bros. 3, Waluigi’s rival, although it could also make reference to Flying Luigi from Super Mario Galaxy; his fifth alt is an alternate costume, his attire in Mario Golf: Super Rush; his sixth alternate color is also an alternate costume, his attire from the Mario Strikers series, and his final alternate color is another alternate costume, his attire in Mario Tennis Aces.
For his stage intro, he drives in his Gold Mantis, his signature kart in Mario Kart DS but then peels out and crashes, causing him to fly out of the kart and land on his face. His first taunt has him swing his arms in circles then fist pump as his eyes flash purple and say “Waluigi time!”, this is a combination reference of his birdie animation from Mario Golf Toadstool Tour and his victory animation in Mario Tennis; his second taunt has him do an L on his foes and yell “You’re lousy!”, and his third taunt has him pull out a rose from underneath his arm then throw it away, this is mainly notable in Mario Party 8 (Why does he have a rose? I don’t know, probably for a date).
And finally, for his victory animations, his first has him doing an air guitar with his tennis racket, flip it into the air, then catches it as he poses with his arms out, his victory animation in Mario Power Tennis; his second has him moonwalk to the center then pose with his arms crossed, referencing his victory animation in Super Mario Party and his final can be none other than the infamous Waluigi crotch taunt from Mario Strikers Charged Football (Truly a smug jerk).
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2021.10.20 10:45 PotatoKing_88 Giratina 1736 8786 8336

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2021.10.20 10:45 Busy_Film_2433 I won't play this awful game anymore

I collected atoms from last year for Halloween this year and bought something wrong with them on the very first day of Halloween. Dirt this game, I will never play it again
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2021.10.20 10:45 openworldgamer01 I can't be the only one thats noticed this

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2021.10.20 10:45 yatookmyname New Subreddits about careers in film!

I started this sub reddit because I felt like no one is talking about the monetary or career side of the video industry. If you're a working professional or want to read about working professionals come on over.
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2021.10.20 10:45 PaleoCollector Humpbacked Herbivore

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2021.10.20 10:45 Total_Camel7860 substance use induced panic attack help? meth

pleasecstop giving reply such as wuit using it. dont judge. please give any suggestions to stop/ lessen panic attacls while using or after using meth/ampethamines/simulants
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2021.10.20 10:45 misguidedfaun Is it okay to randomly call people at 1 am?

Personally I think it's really rude and definitely not okay to call someone that late unless there's a legit emergency (I think I would draw the line around 10 pm myself) but a friend of mine told me that it's just me being old and outdated and that for young people today it's perfectly normal and acceptable.
I'm 43 for the record.
Am I really ancient?
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2021.10.20 10:45 IcyAssist In NYT, Nur Sajat alleges molest during Jais arrest, says officer told mum OK to sexually assault ‘man’ | Malaysia

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2021.10.20 10:45 SGScoutAU Am sad that he wasted this talent for “other stuff”

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2021.10.20 10:45 4LR34DY74K3N It's okay Ken, it'll all be over soon.

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