How to blast LME (Comex parent) on Twitter

2021.10.20 11:08 ultrabaron123 How to blast LME (Comex parent) on Twitter

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2021.10.20 11:08 qa_2_prod_2_qa WebdriverIO v 14.1 and CucumberJS Problems

I recently upgraded my project to wdio v14.1 and now notice the option to run a single scenario in spec does not work anymore. (run wdio.conf.js --spec "features/file.feature:5") It will run all scenarios in the feature file. Has anyone found a workaround or know a fix?
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2021.10.20 11:08 Squishy-Cthulhu Throw back to the post that made me lose hope for humanity. I don't even know how to title this... It's something.

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2021.10.20 11:08 Pariii95 New tweet about new fusion

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2021.10.20 11:08 Echonight2 Bought Animal Crackers from a vending machine, it's 2 years out of date

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2021.10.20 11:08 ComicalOpinions GRIMM TALES OF TERROR QUARTERLY: 2021 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL - Review

In GRIMM TALES OF TERROR QUARTERLY: 2021 HALLOWEEN SPECIAL, available from Zenescope Entertainment on October 20th, 2021, the Dreamland attraction park turns into Nightmareland every Halloween.
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2021.10.20 11:08 vuloce PC Streamer Looking For Or To Start A Posse

Hello all. Vuloce here, I'm a 46 year old retired US Navy Veteran (Military Police) and I've been playing games since I was a kid, and I will play them until I die.
I'm working my way towards Twitch affiliate and though I mainly stream Total War Warhammer, I still come back to Red Dead Online. I'm level 378 and have about all I need in game, but I've never actually been in a posse out of fear of modders but that seems less of an issue now.
I'm looking to link up with current streamers or just people that would like in with streaming.
18+ only please, not offended by profanity and no griefing. Looking for helpful, chill folk.
New to the game? No problem, I've all I need in game and I enjoy helping people so I can help you get up and running.
I have Discord, mic is required, cam optional not being an a-hole is required as well.
PM me or post here, I don't use Reddit much so forgive my learning curve.
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2021.10.20 11:08 justin_quinnn High expectations for Paige Bueckers, Azzi Fudd, and UConn heading into Big East Media Day | UConn Huskies

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2021.10.20 11:08 AleHorta20 Repurposing an infrared palm keyboard

I found an old infrared, wireless palm keyboard and i want to repurpose it, to use on my ipad. How could i make the infrared sensor compatible with the Ipad? Do you guys have any idea?
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2021.10.20 11:08 Exolix_Exolix Exchange $RBTC to 500+ assets via Exolix.

Exchange $RBTC for any of the 500+ assets via Exolix: Use the detailed guide on how to complete an exchange for $RBTC here:
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2021.10.20 11:08 Wirococha420 The ghosts of Lle Rhemen/anti paralyze advice

So this is my first playthrough and i'm playing in PotD. So far so good i reached lvl 7 Caed Nua but was obliterated by the Adra so i went to clear the city. Yesterday i get to Lle Rhemen and kill the spider queen with ease but the army of Cean Gwala in the north corners just paralyze and obliterates my party in a couple of minutes. Since the Adra also paralyze, it seems this is gonna be a recurrent problem, so how do you guys deal with it?
My party is Eder front line followed by Palegiana and Durance as second tanks, both providing buffs. In the back i have my ranged rogue, Sagani (until I finish her quest then will recruit GM) and Hiravias (just picked him up, changed him for Aloth, probably will go back to Aloth when i finish his quest). Main line has high deflection while back line have high accuracy.
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2021.10.20 11:08 Smokeyjay17 Am I?

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2021.10.20 11:08 Trust_The_Prophets FREE HORSE RACING PICKS! KEENELAND 10-20-2021 | Trust The Prophets FREE PLAY WEDNESDAY

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2021.10.20 11:08 ryppyotsa Varadekaani Helsingin yliopiston rasismista: "Jos nyt katsoo yli­opiston johtoa, niin kyllähän siellä pääosin valko­ihoista porukkaa on"

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2021.10.20 11:08 12_bagels Can we please not have people in Arena 2 using prince?

Every single time I try to fight someone they whip out a prince that does a third of my princess tower with his charge and then 300 after. My highest card is a giant. I don’t understand how these people have prince already if he’s an arena 7 card. I just get dumpstered every time because I have no counter. This is actually making me not want to play this game and it sucks cuz it can be fun. Is there any counter to the prince that I can use as someone in arena 3?
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2021.10.20 11:08 KDokkan This Mission has taunted me for way too long. All missions done

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2021.10.20 11:08 Patdelanoche Still at large, Dude - Has Steven Clifford Been Found?

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2021.10.20 11:08 djentkittens Best thrift stores to go to in the east village?

Planning on going to nyc with a friend and decided to thrift store shop together. Any recommendations would be appreciated.
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2021.10.20 11:08 jackelliott425 Yerba with the Cacti: Indoor Edition

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2021.10.20 11:08 dabntab Question about the "Hardcore Series" for pvp

I keep seeing comments referring to a "hardcore series". I open my online menu and quick join, but I don't see that option/game mode for matchmaking. What am I missing?
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2021.10.20 11:08 xSeithiusx Shadow of the tomb raider in a ryzen 5 3400g, can I run it at 1080p?

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2021.10.20 11:08 EdieLove What is the best part of your day?

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2021.10.20 11:08 Pleasant_Might_5854 Reminder: Your Boss Has a Boss

Too many people forget that their boss has a boss. I've had tons of retail and service industry jobs with prick managers. If I quit or get fired for their bs, I ALWAYS call their direct supervisor. This information is easier than ever to find thanks to LinkedIn. If it's a corporate chain, go with the regional manager. The easiest ones are restaurant groups, i.e. smaller companies that own several locations in a city but aren't Applebees-level big. I've gotten on the phone with the owners of these types of companies very easily.
Yes, 8/10 times they'll just blow you off because they couldn't care less if their lackey hurt one of the cog's feelings. But if you know of egregious behavior, like drinking on the job or sexual harassment, you might be pleasantly surprised. I got a nightmare of a pervert restaurant manager fired just with one phone call where I stated my intention to file a complaint with the state government. The owner was genuinely shocked and basically immediately offered to terminate him to try to get me to back down. It happened after I'd already walked out, but I ran into another server a few months later who told me - not to brag but it feels earned - I was somewhat of a legend at that place for being the one to finally bring that assclown down. I got another manager at a chain of clothing boutiques shit-canned because it turned out that my complaint about her rudeness led to the regional manager discovering that she was stealing money.
It's true that a lot of times the owner is part of the problem in the first place, but sometimes the owner generally doesn't realize what's going on on a day-to-day basis, especially if they own multiple locations. Obviously this doesn't work for a small business where the owner is onsite all day.
But yeah, if someone fucks with your cash or time, fuck with theirs. Even if they don't get fired, they might get their wings clipped a bit and have to start being more decent because they know corporate is watching them more closely.
Disclaimer: Obviously only due this to abusive managers, don't do it to the ones who are nice or trying their best to be decent. I mean OBVIOUSLY but I just felt the need to make that clear, lest any bootlicker accuse me of trying to punish people for being successful
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2021.10.20 11:08 FnDShopCenter Infinix Hot 10 Play G35 4gb/64gb Budget Gaming Phone || Order Here:

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2021.10.20 11:08 Affectionate_Elk_725 Nebraska stuffed bear

This is a random question, but I'm looking for a toy/stuffed animal for my nieces (3&4). Is there a store around here that sells stuffed animals with a nebraska jersey or shirt on them? I would need it tomorrow, so can't order it online
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